10 BPD conversations

[Image description: a black and white photo of four fractured shards of a face.] 1. Please don’t leave me. I don’t know how to be alone. 2. Fine. Go. I never loved you anyway 3. I made myself around you and now I don’t know who I am. 4. I want to die but I... Continue Reading →


The colours

Swirling colours in my mind Couldn’t name them all if I tried Intensity of a neon rainbow Pulsating behind my eyes Just beneath the surface There’s a spectrum of light The world can feel out of focus Like a grey photograph Lacking contrast or definition These moments always pass though The colour always seems to... Continue Reading →

The moment

There’s a moment, a beautiful moment, after the fears and insecurities dissipate After the awkward movements of our bodies settle And before the words come to assess the situation There a moment where all the shame we’ve ever felt melts away A moment of contentment, a moment of beauty This moment comes when our bodies... Continue Reading →

Happiness, my reluctant friend

[image description: a black and white photograph of a branch with a droplet of water in the middle of the branch] Happiness, my reluctant friend You always leave my side Happiness, you scare too easily Run from all the darkness growing inside Happiness, so weak and so brittle You always break under pressure As the... Continue Reading →

Battleground bodies

My body is a battleground There are scars and scar tissue Woven into the skin Like trenches and barbed wire The trench is the extra skin I’m in. The battle is getting dressed in the morning The propaganda is when people laugh or comment The scars are the effect their words have on my body... Continue Reading →


[image description: a picture look up into a tree. There are lots of branches and leaves. In the top left corner is an ornament of a red heart hanging on the branches.] Words without gravity High on helium Rising and rising But never falling From my mouth My mouth is dry My lips are cracking... Continue Reading →


[Image description: A black and white worm's eye view of cobblestone, in the distance you can see people and trees.] In a dark a whisper came, "I'm not well" The last words she spoke before she fell Swirling shades of black, unseen by all. If she could speak again she'd call it a tumble not... Continue Reading →

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